Problems & Solutions

Landfill Gas Management System

Landfill Gas Recovery & Monitoring

Waste degradation produces landfill gas in significant quantities. Landfill gas is made up of several gases and chemicals such as methane which are potential flammable and harmful to health.

At the landfills, facilities have been installed to recover the gas for beneficial uses or proper treatment so that it will not harm the environment. The movement of landfill gas is monitored and controlled throughout the operation and aftercare of the landfills to reduce atmospheric emissions, to minimize the release of odourous emissions and to restrict subsurface migration.

Landfill Gas Utilisation Plants

One beneficial use of landfill gas is to generate power. The generators at landfills provide the power for on-site usage. Landfill gas is also used as a source of heat energy for leachate treatment at landfills. For the case of NENT Landfill, facilities have been installed for the treatment and export of landfill gas for off-site beneficial uses. For SENT Landfill, facilities were installed and commissioned in 2017 for the treatment and delivery of treated landfill gas for injection to the supply grid for Hong Kong & China Gas's customers. For WENT Landfill, surplus landfill gas is also utilized for electricity generation for off-site uses.

Image of SENT Landfill Generator
SENT Landfill Generator


Image of Landfill Gas Electricity Generation Facility at WENT Landfill
Landfill Gas Electricity Generation Facility
at WENT Landfill 


Landfill Gas Treatment Facility at NENT Landfill
Landfill Gas Treatment Facility
at NENT Landfill


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