Problems & Solutions

Surface Water / Ground Water Management System

Surface Water Management

The surface water management system was designed to control surface water run-off from upgradient areas and run-off from final restoration and temporary slopes to minimise soil erosion and maintain water quality. The system consists a series of temporary and permanent storm water channels, culverts, sand traps, drop inlets and separation lagoons, designed both to efficiently manage surface water and cause minimal visual impact to the natural landscape surrounding the site.

Ground Water Management

Groundwater will be managed throughout the life of the site to prevent a hydrostatic build-up of water below the base liner and to prevent contamination by leachate. A geocomposite drainage layer below the primary base liner will collect and transport groundwater away from the liner. The drainage layers provide a means for groundwater to leave the site without coming in contact with leachate and provide a monitoring system to detect leakages through the base liner.


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