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EPD - Environmental Monitoring System

The landfills have a three-tiered monitoring system which is able to detect any slight deterioration in the environment. Firstly, most of the sampling and testing is carried out by well established laboratories. Secondly, the monitoring results are reviewed by professional engineers and scientists jointly appointed by the government and the landfill contractors. These professionals will provide objective technical opinions when needed. Lastly, the government maintains at each landfill a team of inspectors to audit the monitoring work and to carry out additional monitoring if necessary.

Extensive environmental monitoring programmes are being carried out at the landfills to measure pollutants in the air, stream courses, ground water, sea water as well as checking constituents of the leachate and landfill gas.

Image of Noise Monitoring Image of Groundwater Monitoring
Noise Monitoring
Groundwater Monitoring


Image of Gas Monitoring Image of Dust Monitoring
Gas Monitoring
Dust Monitoring


Image of Marine Sediment Monitoring Image of Landfill Laboratory
Marine Sediment Monitoring


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