Special Features of Landfill Restoration

1. Objective

1.1 To give land back to the community
  Restoration works have reduced the potential safety and health risks of the closed landfills on surrounding areas. The restored landfill sites can then be made available for beneficial uses.
1.2 To provide a green zone to the urban area
  The restored landfills are landscaped.
1.3 To provide land for recreational use, especially in urban areas, for people to enjoy a healthy living environment
  Recreational facilities like golf course, multi-purpose grass pitches, rest gardens, parks, etc have been developed at restored landfills.
1.4 To reduce HK's energy need by utilisation of landfill gas as a non-fossil fuel
  An environmentally friendly way to deal with landfill gas, at the same time as having less reliance on fossil fuels.
1.5 To reduce greenhouse gas emission
  Greenhouse gases emitted from closed landfills are substantially reduced by flaring or utilisation of the extracted landfill gas.



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Friday, 28 April, 2006