"Waste Cooking Oils" Processors Registration

EPD welcomes parties engaging in "Waste Cooking Oils" (WCO) processing treatment to apply for EPD Registered WCO Processors.


Examples of WCO Processors

  • Example 1: Biodiesel plants
  • Example 2: Operator of Grease Trap Waste Treatment Facility at West Kowloon Transfer Station
  • Example 3: Organisations manufacturing soap from WCO
  • Example 4: Parties undertaking oil-water separation treatment through heating, mechanical or chemical processes to separate oil and grease from WCO

Biodiesel Plant

Biodiesel Plant

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants should hold a Business Registration Certificate issued under the “Business Registration Ordinance” (Cap. 310) (unless the applicant satisfies the exemption conditions set out in the “Business Registration Ordinance”).
  • Applicants should have already secured all valid licence(s) and permit(s) issued under all relevant legislations of Hong Kong for operating the processing facility(ies) specified in the application


How To Apply

Application form can be downloaded and submitted here.

The duly completed application form should be submitted with copies of the following documents:

  • Valid Business Registration Certificate (unless the applicant satisfies the exemption conditions set out in the "Business Registration Ordinance" (Cap. 310))
  • Certificate of Incorporation (if the applicant is limited company)
  • HKID card/passport of responsible person
  • Photographs of the inside and outside of each WCO warehouse (if the applicant stores WCO in warehouse(s))
  • Relevant address proof(s) (e.g. electricity bill, water/sewage charge receipt in recent 3 months etc.)
  • Accreditation certificate(s) of related environmental management schemes (if any)
  • All applicable valid licence(s) and permit(s) issued under legislations of Hong Kong for operating the processing facility(ies) specified in the application form
  • Layout plan(s) of the processing facility(ies)
  • Flow diagram(s) of various processing process(es) (with indication of the type(s) of WCO to be processed, final product(s) and waste(s) generated)
  • Pollution control and monitoring measures adopted by the applicant in respect of potential air and water pollutants, wastes and noise generated in the processing facility(ies), and environmental impacts assessment arrangements
  • Safety equipment and measures of the processing facilities


via EPIC online application, by post or in person to the following address: Resources Recovery (1), Environmental Protection Department, 3rd floor, East Wing, Island West Transfer Station, 88 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.


Application Assessment

Upon receipt of the application, EPD or the organization(s) authorized by EPD will check if the applicant submits all necessary information. EPD or the organization(s) authorized by EPD may request the applicant to provide supplementary information or make clarification as necessary. Based on the information provided by the applicant, EPD or the organization(s) authorized by EPD may request the applicant to arrange a site visit for staff from EPD or the organization(s) authorized by EPD to observe the applicant's actual operations. The objective is to assess whether the applicant fulfills registration requirements and has adequate capability to handle WCO properly.

The time for application assessment depends on whether the applicant can supply all the required information and documents and cooperate with EPD or the organization(s) authorized by EPD in the on-site assessments. In general, application results will be announced in batches within 1-2 months after the site assessment has been completed. EPD will issue a registration certificate with registration number to each successful applicant. Besides, successful applicant's information (remarks: information marked with * in the application form) will be uploaded to Registration Lists at EPD's website. EPD will also inform unsuccessful applicants of the outcome with justification(s) by letters.


Good Practice Guide

To facilitate WCO processors to comply with the registration requirements, EPD publishes “Good Practice Guide for Registered WCO Processors” (Chinese version only). The Guide provides guidelines on WCO processing, record keeping and etc. Processors should ensure their operations are in compliance with the registration requirements stated in the Guide, otherwise EPD will take necessary follow up actions (e.g. revoking their registrations etc.).


Validity of Registration/Application for Registration Renewal

Registration will be valid for 2 years. If registered parties wish to maintain their registrations, they should submit an application for registration renewal at least 2 months before the end of valid period of their registrations (application form can be downloaded and submitted here). Past performance of the registered party will be taken into account by EPD in considering the renewal application.


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