"Waste Cooking Oils" Recycling Administrative Registration Scheme

Registered parties whose registrations will be expired in the coming 6 months can from now on apply to EPD for registration renewal using the application form which can be downloaded and submitted here.
The registration lists have been updated on 29 September 2021 with the 63rd batch of registered parties.  Besides, the “Good Practice Guides for Registered WCO Collectors/Processors/Exporters” have been updated on 20 April 2018.
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What are "Waste Cooking Oils" (WCO)?

Oils abandoned from any cooking process for human consumption other than those from household, regardless whether they have been used for their original purposes, examples include:

  • Used cooking oil
  • Grease trap waste
  • Unused cooking oil abandoned for reasons such as spoilage
  • Oil and grease separated from grease trap waste


經使用煮食油 隔油池廢物
Used cooking oil Grease trap waste


WCO are traded recyclables. Proper recycling of WCO not only can convert WCO into industrial products such as biodiesel, soap and etc., but also avoid environmental pollution arising from improper handling of WCO. In order to promote recycling of local resources and enhance overall operational standard of local WCO recycling industries, EPD puts in place administrative measures to register eligible local WCO collectors, processors and exporters. These measures aim to strengthen regulation of handling and flow of WCO, thereby protecting the environment and preventing WCO from re-entering the food chain.


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