Enhancing the quality of the coastal waters of Victoria Harbour

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With the development of new waterfront promenades, Victoria Harbour has become increasingly accessible to the public. Further developments along the harbourfront are in the pipeline. Public expectation of a pleasant harbourfront will only increase. Hence it is necessary to develop effective solutions to enhance the quality of the coastal waters of Victoria Harbour, and to resolve the associated aesthetic and odour problems. The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has commissioned a study on how to resolve pollution problems and odour nuisance caused by the discharge of urban residual pollutants into urban coastal waters, so as to help promote water friendly culture and activities along waterfront areas.

To tackle near shore pollution will require measures that can effectively reduce or collect the many residual discharges from a wide range of small sources that are large in numbers in the urban area. In January 2016, the EPD commissioned a consultancy study on Further Enhancing Quality of Coastal Waters of Victoria Harbour to conduct extensive surveys on the extent of near shore pollution and to explore various practicable options to effectively reduce near shore pollution and enhance the quality of the coastal waters of Victoria Harbour.

To evaluate pollution levels at individual catchments, the consultancy study involves extensive field surveys including a baseline survey to establish the overall situation of near shore pollution in Victoria Harbour, and a condition survey to further identify and assess the extent of major pollution sources. Based on the data collected, actions are being taken to rectify the sewer misconnections identified. A number of dry-weather flow interceptors are being built to reduce the amount of pollutant discharged from the stormwater drainage system into the coastal water. A major territory-wide sewer rehabilitation programme is also underway to prevent the leakage of sewage from ageing sewers.