Guidance Notes on Discharges from Village Houses

Connecting to communal sewer
25. The most effective and reliable way to dispose of wastewater is by connecting to communal sewers leading to government treatment facilities.

By connecting to communal sewers, you will:

  • enjoy a safer and healthier living environment;
  • stop pollution caused by malfunctioning STS;
  • not need to operate, maintain and monitor STS; and
  • comply with pollution control legislation easily.


26. The Government has plans to provide new sewers and improve existing communal sewers in the territory. Most premises not currently served by communal sewers will gradually be provided by one.
27. 614_10_2.gifWhen communal sewers are provided in the vicinity and ready for connection, EPD may send you a notice requiring you to construct appropriate terminal manhole and other pipework for conveying all your wastewater to the communal sewer before a specified date.
28. The responsible householder is to construct and pay for the terminal manhole and any pipework leading from the village house to the terminal manhole. The Government will provide and pay for the new communal sewers and the sewer linking the terminal manhole to the communal sewer.


29. You should properly maintain the terminal manhole constructed and any pipework leading from your village house to the terminal manhole.


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Monday, 17 September, 2018