EPD - Guidance Notes on Discharges from Village Houses

Legal requirements under the Water Pollution Control Ordinance (WPCO)

30. The introduction of the Water Pollution Control Ordinance has allowed the government to ensure that everyone becomes responsible for his/her part in protecting the environment of Hong Kong. This Ordinance operates through a licensing system to control the discharge of sullage and the use of STS's.
31. If you possess a STS, or discharge sullage, it is advisable for you to obtain a licence from the EPD, and comply with the licence conditions in order to avoid any conviction for polluting the environment. However, a licence will not be required if your house is connected to communal sewers.
32. EPD will inspect STS's and associated drainage systems to ensure that they are properly used, desludged and maintained. EPD might issue a warning letter to the responsible householder requiring improvements to the STS and associated drainage systems, including where necessary the installation of a new wastewater disposal system. Should the responsible householder fail to provide the necessary improvements as required, EPD may take prosecution action.
33. When communal sewers are available in the vicinity, EPD may issue a notice requiring the responsible householder to connect all wastewater generated from the village house to the communal sewer. It will be an offence if the householder does not comply with the requirement in the notice.

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Monday, 17 September, 2018