Guidance Notes on Discharges from Village Houses

If your STS do not receive sullage

If your STS do not receive sullage, you should adopt all practicable means to reduce the amount of pollutants in the sullage that you discharge into surface channels.

You should:

  • discharge only wastewater containing very little pollutants via fine screens into surface channels,
  • dispose of dirty dishwashing wastewater via toilet bowl into your STS, and
  • minimize your water usage to ensure that your STS is not overloaded.

21. You should properly maintain your surface channels and ensure that your wastewater discharge will not pond in surface channels or fields nearby and become a source of pollution.

Sullage discharged into surface channels shall not contain any waste or polluting matter such as faeces, blood and waste from slaughtering livestock, sludge or solid refuse of any kind, food residues or other waste that are liable to form scum or deposit. Only relatively clear wastewater reasonably free of chemicals, visible solids, oil and foam, and discharged via fine screens, may be permitted to be disposed of into surface channels.

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