Guidance Notes on Discharges from Village Houses

If your do not have a STS
23. If you do not have a STS and you are not served by a communal sewer, you should:
  • NOT install or use a flushing toilet in your house,
    (see paragraph 24 if you want to use a flushing toilet)
  • use public latrines and public bath-houses as far as possible,
  • dispose of night soil properly, e.g. to public latrines,
  • put food residues, etc., into your garbage bin,
  • dispose of sullage via fine screens, and remove the screenings into your garbage bin, and
  • pay special attention to paragraphs 21 and 22 above.

If you have or are planning for a flushing toilet in your house, you should install a proper wastewater disposal system (e.g. a STS).

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