Smoky Vehicle Control Programme and Spotter Training

The Programme

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) started to operate the Smoky Vehicle Control Programme in 1988. The purpose is to catch smoky diesel vehicles on the road and ensure that the smoky problem is fixed as soon as possible.

The programme operated by EPD trains up accredited spotters who will spot smoky diesel vehicles on the road on a part-time basis. Based on the information supplied by the spotters, EPD, under the Road Traffic Ordinance, will issue notices to the owners of these vehicles, and require them to bring their vehicles to a designated vehicle emission testing centre for testing.

Spotter Training

EPD holds training classes for volunteer spotters to carry out visual assessment of excessive smoke level. To become an accredited spotter, volunteers should :

- be over 21 years of age;
- be willing to commit 30 hours per month of part-time spotting (e.g. while going to work, etc.);
- agree to undertake a short training course and pass a test;
- agree to take a refresher training course upon request;
- have proper eyesight and no colour blindness;
- have no conflict of interest with his/her nature of business; and
- be willing to give testimony in court when required

If you have interest in attending the spotter training course, you can download and complete the application form and fax it to us at 2827 8230; or mail it to "Environmental Protection Department, Mobile Source Group, 34/F, Revenue Tower, 5, Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong"; or email to
smokyenq@epd.gov.hk. When receiving your application meeting the above basic requirements, we will place your name in the waiting queue and invite you to attend the training session in due course. The training session will usually last for half-day and shall be arranged on Saturday morning. It includes a brief lecture on identifying vehicle classes, field practice on visual assessment of smoke levels, and an examination.


Environmental Protection Department
Mobile Source Group
(Tel. No. for Enquiry : 2594 6476)


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