To Report Pollution

The community has an important role to play in protecting the environment. By reporting pollution incidents immediately to EPD, action can be taken to limit the possible damage to the environment as far as possible, and to help identify the source of the pollution in time for taking appropriate follow up action.


To lodge a Pollution Complaint

Please use the following online forms (click to enter) for reporting the pollution incident :

  • general pollution incidents, including air pollution, indiscriminate waste water discharge, illegal waste disposal, & noise nuisance (e.g. pollution occurring from an industry or business)
  • Smoky Diesel Vehicles  (To become a volunteer spotter, please click here)

If noise is causing nuisance during the night time from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00a.m., or anytime on a general holiday, you may contact the Police direct for their prompt assistance.

You may also use our Customer Service hotline (Tel/Fax: 2838 3111) to report pollution incident or lodge a complaint/enquiry. This Hotline operates between 8:30am - 6:30pm on Monday-Friday. Voice mail service is provided for non-office hours. You can also send in the request through mail (click for contact details of our Regional Office).

We will respond to your request within 3 working days. (please click here if you wish to learn more about our performance pledge )

Checking the Progress of a Previous Complaint

If you have lodged a pollution complaint before and wish to provide further details about the case for our reference , or if you wish to check the progress of a previous complaint case, please click the appropriate choices below.

Checking the Progress of a Previous Smoky Vehicle Complaint

If you wish to check the progress of a previous smoky vehicle complaint, please contact our Customer Service Centre (Tel/Fax: 2838 3111).

EPD Customer Service Centre

The Customer Service Centre was set up in October 2002 to provide a one-stop-service to the public on pollution reporting and enquiry on environmental protection subject matters.  For more details, please click here.



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