A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System

A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System

Define An Environmental Policy (Module 4)

More examples of environmental policies from different organizations :

Legal Compliance

1. "CLP will comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries and projects in which it operates and participates and will adopt responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist. CLP will work with government and industry groups to foster timely development of laws and regulations which are environmentally acceptable and practicable to meet the balanced economic and environmental needs of society."

(Extract from Corporate Environmental Statement of China Light & Power Co. Ltd. on 1 May 95)

Waste Minimization

2. "Baxter will aggressively pursue opportunities to minimize the quantity and degree of hazard of the waste that results from its operations. It will reduce toxic and chlorofluorocarbon air emissions 60 percent by 1992 and 80 percent by 1996, from 1988 levels based on equivalent production.

(Extract from Environmental Policy of Baxter International Inc. in " Environmental Performance Report 1993")

Annual Environmental Report

3. "As a member of the WMX Technologies, Inc. family of companies, the Company will participate in the preparation and publication of an annual report on the environmental activities of the Company and the group. The report will include a self-evaluation of the implementation of these principles by the group, including assessment of their performance in complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations throughout their worldwide operations."

(Extract from Environmental Policy of Waste Management International plc. in "Annual Environmental Performance Report 1994")

Image of Steps to TakeImage of Steps to Take

STEP 1 : Based on the findings of the Initial Environmental Audit, identify the aspects with significant impacts or improvement opportunities.
STEP 2 : Determine the organization's overall environmental direction. In other words, how "green" the organization needs to be and how far it wants to commit beyond regulatory compliance.
STEP 3 : Based on the "needs" and "wants" of the organization, define the scope of commitment of the environmental policy.
STEP 4 : Draft and refine the wordings of the policy to express the organization's overall commitment. Seek comments from senior managers during the drafting process.
STEP 5 : Derive an environmental policy that has been carefully considered and supported by all parties.
STEP 6 : Document the environmental policy and obtain approval of the top management.
STEP 7 : Publicize the environmental policy both within and outside the organization by the Managing Director or Chairman of the organization.


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