A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System

A Simple Guide to Set Up an Environmental Management System

Formulate And Implement Environmental Programmes (Module 6)

Image of Steps to TakeImage of Steps to Take

Steps to Take : Stage I - Formulate the Environmental Programmes by the Green Management Committee
STEP 1 : Based on each objective and target, discuss and work out a plan on the following items in the Green Management Committee meetings: What are the available options to achieve the objective / target? What are the tasks involved? Who will be responsible for implementing the various tasks? When will it be done? What are the resources required?
STEP 2 : Start with those programmes with practically little cost implication, e.g. through good housekeeping.
STEP 3 : For those programmes that require significant capital investment, calculate the cost required and the pay-back period of the available options. Select the one with the highest cost benefit.
STEP 4 : Consolidate items (1)- (5) in STEP 1 into a plan and submit it to the top management for endorsement.
STEP 5 : Once the plan was endorsed, implement it.


Steps to Take : Stage II - Implement the Environmental Programmes by the Green Effort Teams
STEP 1 : Clearly define and document the roles and responsibilities of each Green Effort Team member and other staff involved.
STEP 2 : Implement the planned tasks, and during the process, undertake the following support activities which are crucial for implementing a successful environmental programme:

provide training to staff in both awareness and technical skills to ensure staff are committed and competent to perform the tasks. develop manuals, procedures or work instructions so that all staff perform in a consistent and reliable manner. Acknowledge successes and keep staff informed of the progress, and further action for improvement, etc.


Steps to Take : Stage III - Monitor and Report Progress to the Green Management Committee
STEP 1 : Monitor regularly the progress of the programmes at a defined interval through

inspection to check adherence to action plans; measurement to track results.

STEP 2 : Summarize and report the progress to the GMC.
STEP 3 : Based on the progress, review the effectiveness of the programmes against the set objectives and targets.
STEP 4 : If the objectives and targets are not met, discuss and suggest corrective actions or alternative action plans for improvement. Revise targets, if necessary.


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