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1. Myths about EIA

EIA and EIA Ordinace

Is an EIA compulsory for Environmental Permit application for a Designated Project?

A Designated Project under schedule 2 of the EIA Ordinance should follow the statutory procedure and obtain an environmental permit before work begins.

For application of an Environmental Permit, a Designated Project can either go through an EIA process or permission to apply directly for Environmented Permit as indicated in the figure on the right.

[Chart of The Statutory Environmental Impact Assessment Process]

There are sometimes confusions over the interpretation of 'EIA mechanism' and 'EIA under the EIAO' .

The EIA mechanism is a process starts from project conception till implementation irrespective of whether a project is a designated project under the EIAO. The statutory EIAO procedure is only a part of the EIA mechanism.

Snapshots for EIA Ordinance in the EIA Mechanism

Commentaries in a Nutshell

What is the EIA Ordinance (EIAO)?

An Ordinance to provide for assessing the impact on the environment of certain projects and proposals for protecting the environmental and for incidental matter.


The Policy Objectives 2001 stated that the EIA mechanism provided for under the EIA Ordinance plays a significant role in balancing the need to protect the environment and development needs. It helps project proponents to pay due regard to environmental protection requirements, through evaluating potential impacts on the environment and the necessary prevention and mitigation measures, at the early stage of project planning and design.


The EIAO went into effect on 1st April 1998.


The list of Designated Projects (DP) in Schedule 2 & 3 of the Ordinance are those having potential for adverse environmental impacts. They are drawn from a list of completed or on-going EIA studies.
If the project is classified as a DP, it will need to go through the EIAO procedure.


A person shall not construct or operate a DP without an Environmental Permit.

If you want to know more about the legislative framework of the EIAO, please click here.

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