Self-Scoring Template -  A Benchmark for Environmental Performance Reports

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Self-Scoring Template - A Benchmark for Environmental Performance Report

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  Max. Score Score % of Max. Tracking Comments
I   Communication
20 0 0%    
  1.   Context
  2.   Basic Principles of Reporting
  3.   Report Structure
  4.   Readability
  5.   Accessibility and Quick Reading
II   Relevance
8 0 0%    
  6.   Stakeholders and Report Target Audience
  7.   Significant Aspects
III   Commitment and Mamagement
24 0 0%    
  8.   Vision and Strategy
  9.   Management Commitment
  10. Responsibilities and Organizational Structures
  11. Improvement Action
  12. Management System and Integration into Business Processes
  13. Supply Chain and Value Chain
IV   Performance
16 0 0%    
  14. Metrics and Indicators
  15. Trends
  16. Targets
  17. Interpretation and Benchmarks
V   Credibility
12 0 0%    
  18. Balance of Issues
  19. Engagement with Stakeholders
  20. Assurance Services
  Total Score
80 0 0%    

The table shows the scoring for each criterion and criterion group.
I) "Max. Score" indicates the highest possible score that can be achieved within a criterion group.
II) "Score" indicates the actual score in absolute figures the EPR has achieved for each criterion ranging from 0 to 4.
III) "% of Max." indicates the actual score achieved out of the possible maximum score ("Score" divided by "Max. Score") within each criterion group.
IV) "Tracking" acts as a reference point back to the EPR.
V) "Comments" allows for the inclusion of supporting notes and ideas for improvement.

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