Environmental Noise

In our surroundings, there are different sources emitting various types of environmental noise.

Type of Environmental Noise Sources
aircrafts, trains, road vehicles, vessels
Industrial buildings factories - machineries, air-conditioning systems
Commercial buildings office buildings - air-conditioning systems
restaurants - air-conditioning systems, kitchen ventilating systems
Construction sites site formation (e.g. excavation), piling, road work, demolition, renovation
Domestic buildings mahjong playing, hi-fi, musical instruments
Public places open markets, streets, parks
Products intruder alarms of buildings and motor vehicles

The following diagram demonstrates the sound pressure levels of various types of environmental noise. Please click on the demo button to appreciate the noise levels from these sources.

Hong Kong, like many metropolitan cities in the world, experiences various noise problems. There is no quick fix to the problems but the Government is committed to doing all it can within the constraints to improve the noise environment of Hong Kong.