Guidance notes

A Guide to the EIA Ordinance


  1. Introduction
  2. Designated projects
  3. An overview of the statutory environmental impact assessment process
  4. Technical Memorandum on Environmental Impact Assessment Process
  5. Arrangement for environmental impact assessment reports approved before 1 April 1998
  6. Arrangement for environmental impact assessment reports not yet approved by 1 April 1998
  7. Applications
    7.1 Application for an environmental impact assessment study brief
    7.2 Application for approval of an environmental impact assessment report
    7.3 Application for permission to apply directly for an environmental permit
    7.4 Application for an environmental permit
    7.5 Application for a further environmental permit
    7.6 Application for variation of an environmental permit
    7.7 Seeking confirmation as to whether contiguous projects are to be treated as a designated project
  8. Time limits for the Director, the public and the Advisory Council on the Environment to respond
  9. Fees
  10. Liaison through the Environmental Study Management Group during the environmental impact assessment study
  11. Offences and penalties
  12. Appeals
  13. Public access to information under the Ordinance
  14. Further information
  15. Enquiry and submission of applications
Figure 1 : The statutory environmental impact assessment process
Figure 2 : Public participation under the EIA Ordinance
Figure 3 : A material change to an exempted project
Appendix 1: Designated projects listed in Schedule 2 and 3 of the EIA Ordinance
Appendix 2: Application forms



Last revision date: 2 August 2023