Cyber Help Bench for Environmental Impact Assessment

Useful Manual
and References
Active Designated Projects
EIA Training & Capacity Building
Operation of EIA Ordinance (Apr 1998 - Dec 2001)
Environmental Outcomes of EIAs
Example of Ecological Mitigation Measures
Checklist for Ecological Impact Assessment
Adoption of Latest 'PATH' or 'EMFAC'
Assessment Guidelines
Design of Noise Barrier
Air Quality Modelling Guidelines
Sites of Cultural Heritage
Contaminated land assessment and remediation
Water Impact Assessment Guidelines
Environmental Monitoring and Audit
ETWB TC(W) No. 13/2003 Guidelines and Procedures for Environmental Impact Assessment of Government Project and Proposals
A Guide to EIA Ordinance
Step-By-Step Guide on EIAO Process
EIAO Guidance Notes
EIA Principles (GN 1/2002)
Environmental Study Management Group (ESMG) (GN 2/2002)
Mitigation Measures (GN 3/2002)
Independent Environmental Checker (GN 4/2002)
Implementation Schedule (GN 5/2002)
Ecological Assessment (GN 6/2002)
Ecological Baseline Survey (GN 7/2002)
Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (GN 8/2002)
Construction Noise Impact Assessment (GN 9/2004)
Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecological Baseline Surveys (GN 10/2004)
Marine Ecological Baseline Surveys (GN 11/2004)
Road Traffic Noise Impact Assessment under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (GN 12/2005)

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