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Facts and Statistics of Applications under the EIA Ordinance

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Decisions Made Regarding Applications

From a total of 464 applications, the Environmental Protection Department has already processed 398 cases. Processing of the remaining cases is still in progress. Twenty-three cases were withdrawal and eleven cases rejected. The distribution for each type of application is shown in Figure 3D:

Applications under EIAO

No of Cases Received Cases Issued / Approved CasesWithdrawn / Case Rejected
EIA Study Brief 95 86 briefs issued 4 cases withdrawn
Permission to Directly Apply for Environmental Permit 62 55 permissions given 5 cases withdrawn, 2 rejected
Approval of EIA Report 73 47 reports approved 7 cases withdrawn, 5 cases not suitable for public inspection, 1 case rejected after public consultation
Environmental Permit (including Further Permits) 165 150 permits issued 4 cases withdrawn, 3 cases rejected
Variations of Environmental Permit 58 49 permits issued 3 cases withdrawn, 5 cases rejected
Surrender of Environmental Permit 11 11 cases received 0/0
Total 464 398 23/11
Figure 3D:Decisions Made Concerning Applications Under the EIA Ordinance from 1 April 1998 to 31 December 2001

Please see Appendix III for a full listing of all applications submitted for consideration by the Environmental Protection Department.

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