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Facts and Statistics of Applications under the EIA Ordinance

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Consultation with the Public and the Advisory Council on the Environment

In compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance, the Director has facilitated the placement of 420 newspaper advertisements by applicants informing the public on the inspection period for a total of 157 project profiles and 53 EIA reports.

Apart from forwarding all project profiles received to the Advisory Council on the Environment for their comment, the Director also informed the Council on all EIA reports that were suitable for public inspection.

The project titles of EIA reports made available for public to comment are as follows:

  1. Pak Shek Kok Development
  2. Tsuen Wan Bay Further Reclamation, Area 30, Tsuen Wan - Engineering Planning and Environmental Investigation
  3. Kai Tak Airport Decommissioning
  4. Yuen Long By Pass Floodway
  5. Planning and Engineering Feasibility Study for Development at Anderson Road
  6. Dredging an Area of Kellett Bank for Reprovisioning of Six Government Mooring Buoys
  7. Footbridge and Improvement to Ap Lei Chau Drive
  8. Planning and Engineering Feasibility Study for Development Near Choi Wan Road and Jordan Valley
  9. 1800 MW Gas-fired Power Station at Lamma Extension
  10. Infrastructure Works for Housing Development at Telegraph Bay - Engineering Feasibility Study
  11. Tang Lung Chau Dangerous Goods Anchorage
  12. Main Drainage Channels and Poldered Village Protection Scheme for San Tin, North West New Territories
  13. Planning and Development Study of Potential Housing Site in Area 54 Tuen Mun, New Territories
  14. EIA for Salisbury Road Underpass and Associated Road Improvement Works (including Middle Road Circulation System)
  15. Essential Public Infrastructure Works Associated with West Rail Stations in Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun Centre
  16. Sai Sha Road Widening between Kam Ying Road and proposed Road T7 Junction
  17. Route 16 Investigation Assignment from West Kowloon to Sha Tin - Alternative Alignment
  18. Feasibility Study on the Alternative Alignment for the Western Coast Road, Tseung Kwan O
  19. Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works, Stage II Extension - Environmental Impact Assessment
  20. Tseung Kwan O Development - Contract F : Grade Separated Interchange T1/P1/P2
  21. Widening of Tai Po Road ( Sha Tin Section)
  22. Route 9 between Tsing Yi and Cheung Sha Wan * (two applications were made)
  23. Essential Public Infrastructure Works Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai, Tuen Mun Centre and the Eastern Access Road
  24. East Rail Extensions - Tai Wai to Ma On Shan
  25. Hebe Haven Yacht Club Development - Phase 2
  26. 132kV Overhead Pole Line and Underground Cable from the Existing Po Lam Substation to the Existing Tui Min Hoi - Circuit No. 2
  27. Tin Shui Wai Phase 4 Rail Extension
  28. Light Rail Transit (LRT) Extension in Tin Shui Wai Reserve Zone and Grade Separation of the LRT with Pui To Road and Tsing Lung Road in Tuen Mun
  29. Route 10 North Lantau to Yuen Long Highway Investigation and Preliminary Design ( Southern Section)
  30. New World First Bus Permanent Depot at Chai Wan
  31. East Rail Extension - Hung Hom to Tsim Sha Tsui
  32. Northshore Lantau Development Feasibility Study
  33. Construction of an International Theme Park in Penny's Bay of North Lantau together with its Essential Associated Infrastructures
  34. Shenzhen River Regulation Project Stage III
  35. Tuen Mun Sewerage - Eastern Coastal Sewerage Extension
  36. Tai O Sheltered Boat Anchorage - Environmental & Drainage Impact Assessment
  37. Agreement No. CE 73/98 Investigation Assignment for Widening of Tolo Highway/Fanling Highway between Island House Interchange and Fanling
  38. Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau Spur Line
  39. Proposed RMC Concrete Batching Plant at Telegraph Bay for Cyber-Port Development
  40. West Kowloon Reclamation Contract No. WK30-Remaining Roadworks Stage 4, Link Roads G & L
  41. Modifications to MTRC Tsim Sha Tsui Station
  42. Improvement to Castle Peak Road between Ka Loon Tsuen and Siu Lam
  43. Central Reclamation Phase III - Studies, Site Investigation, Design and Construction
  44. Lei Yue Mun Road Underpass, Modification at Junction with Yau Tong Road and Associated Improvement Works - Feasibility Study
  45. Central - Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link
  46. Wanchai Development Phase II
  47. Comprehensive Feasibility Study for the Revised Scheme of South East Kowloon Development
  48. Proposed Headquarters and Bus Maintenance Depot in Chai Wan
  49. Tseung Kwan O Roads D1,D8 and D10
  50. Demolition of Kwai Chung Incineration Plant
  51. Replacement of Cremators at Fu Shan Crematorium
  52. Demolition of Buildings and Structures in the Proposed Kennedy Town Comprehensive Development Area Site
  53. The Decommissioning of Underground Fuel Tanks at Tsuen Wan No.1 Pumping Station

As a result, the Director has received 1687 sets of public comments during the valid public inspection period for various applications. An analysis of these comments have shown that 94.1% were submitted from individual or local residents, 0.2% from academics, 3.6% from green groups and 2% from others such as corporate bodies. The distribution of public comments is shown in Figure 3E:

Figure 3E: Contributors of Comments Received on Applications from 1 April 1998 to 31 December 2001
Figure 3E: Contributors of Comments Received on Applications from 1 April 1998 to 31 December 2001

In addition to the above, the Director has advised the Council regularly, all study briefs and environmental permits issued for EIA reports that had been submitted for consultation with the council (including those approved prior to 1.4.1998).

Other than the EIA reports indicated, a number of additional projects have also had environment permits issued to allow the commencement of construction, operation or decommissioning as at 31 December 2001. They are as follows:

  1. Main Drainage Channel for Ngau Tam Mei Phase I
  2. West Rail Phase I
  3. Hiram's Highway Improvement - between Nam Wai and Ho Chung and Upgrading of Local Access Roads
  4. MTR Tseung Kwan O Extension - Phase I and II
  5. Widening of Tolo Highway between Island House and Ma Liu Shui Interchange
  6. Main Drainage Channels for Yuen Long and Kam Tin, Remainder Phase I
  7. Highway between Shap Pat Heung Interchange and Pok Oi Interchange - Remaining Works
  8. Outlying Islands Transfer Facilities at Sok Kwu Wan
  9. Improvement to Kam Tin Road, Stage 1
  10. Tin Shui Wai Development Engineering Investigations for Development of Areas 3, 30 and 31 of the Development Zone and the Reserve Zone (District Distributor Road D3)
  11. Outlying Islands Sewerage - Stage 1, Phase 1 Cheung Chau Outfall Replacement
  12. Widening of Fo Tan Road and Related Improvement Measures in Fo Tan
  13. Rural Drainage Rehabilitation Scheme, Stage 2, Phase 3 - Mo Fa Heung Stream Rehabilitation
  14. Improvement Works and Road Reconstruction Work at Sham Mong Road -Construction and Widening of Road P1
  15. Road and Drainage Works for Tiu Keng Leng
  16. Construction of Roads and Drains to Serve the Housing Development in Area 56, Tuen Mun
  17. Improvements to Island Eastern Corridor Section between North Point Interchange and Sai Wan Ho
  18. Pond Fish Wholesale Market in Yuen Long
  19. Karting Mail at Kai Tak
  20. Replacement of Cremators at the Kwai Chung Crematorium
  21. East Asian Crossing (EAC) Cable System (TKO)
  22. Proposed Temporary Bus Depot at Tseung Kwan O (TKO) Area 85
  23. Upgrading of Siu Ho Wan Sewage Treatment Plant
  24. Installation of Radio Base Station at Kei Ling Ha (Sai Sha Road),Sai Kung
  25. Submarine Cable Landing Installation in Tong Fuk Lantau for Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) Fibre Optic Submarine Cable System
  26. Proposed Installation of Integrated Mobile Phone Base Stations at Shing Mun Country Park
  27. Telecommunication Installation at Lot 591SA in DD328, Tong Fuk, South Lantau Coast and the Associated Cable Landing Work in Tong Fuk, South Lantau for the North Asia Cable (NAC) Fibre Optic Submarine Cable System
  28. Proposed Pontoon System Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club at Shelter Cove Lot No.341 DD212 Sai Kung
  29. Trunk Road T7 in Ma On Shan
  30. Asbestos Abatement Work in Cheoy Lee Shipyard at Penny's Bay
  31. Submarine Cable Landing Installation at Tuen Mun for HGC Optical Fibre Submarine Cable System between Tuen Mun and Chek Lap Kok
  32. 10 Year Extended Landslip Preventive Measures Project, Phase 2, Package A - Lantau Island, Investigation, Design and Supervision of Landslip Preventive Works on Government Slopes
  33. Proposal to establish one temporary wind monitoring station on Lamma Island for evaluating wind power as a renewable energy source
  34. Installation of Mobile Phone Station at Bride's Pool Road within Pat Sin Leng Country Park
  35. FLAG North Asian Loop
  36. Site Formation Works for a Temporary Vegetable Market at Nam Sang Wai Road, Au Tau, Yuen Long
  37. Shatin New Town Stage II - Road D15 Linking Lok Shun Path and Tai Po Road
  38. Artificial Reef Deployment in Outer Port Shelter
  39. C2C Cable Network - Hong Kong Section : Chung Hom Kok
  40. New T&T Hong Kong Limited Domestic Cable Route
  41. Main Drainage Channel for Ngau Tam Mei, Yuen Long and Kam Tin
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