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Papers Discussed by ACE in 2010

167th ACE Meeting on 12 January 2010

1 Implementation of the Clinical Waste Control Scheme and Code of Practice for the Management of Clinical WastePDF Annex I PDF Annex II PDF 

168th ACE Meeting on 8 February 2010

2 A New Producer Responsibility Scheme for Waste Electrical and Electronic EquipmentPDF Annex PDF  
3 Proposal to further enhance the regulation of depositing of abandoned construction and demolition materials on private landPDF 
4 Report of the Environmental Impact Assessment SubcommitteePDF FigurePDF

169th ACE Meeting on 19 April 2010

6 Early Replacement of Old Diesel Commercial VehiclesPDF Annex A to E PDF  
7 Report on the 112th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF Annex A PDF Annex B PDF Annex C PDF Annex D PDF 
170th ACE Meeting on 17 May 2010
8 Pilot Green Transport FundPDF 
9 Environment and Conservation Fund - Buildings Energy Efficiency Funding SchemesPDF 
171st ACE Meeting on 14 June 2010
10 Framework Agreement on Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation - Environmental protection and ecology conservationPDF 
11 A proposal to control emissions of non-road mobile sourcesPDF 
172nd ACE Meeting on 20 September 2010
12 Public Consultation on Hong Kong's Climate Change Strategy and Action Agenda PDF
Annex PDF
173rd ACE Meeting on 11 October 2010
13 Review of the Technical Memorandum for Allocation of Emission Allowances in Respect of Specified LicencesPDF 
14 Report on the 113th  Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting PDF
Annex A PDF Annex B PDF Annex C PDF Annex D PDF
174th ACE Meeting on 8 November 2010
16 Pilot Green Transport Fund - Proposed implementation frameworkPDF 
175th ACE Meeting on 13 December 2010
17 Planning and Engineering Study on Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop - Stage One Public EngagementPDF Annex PDF
18 Report on the 114th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee meetingPDF 
Annex A PDF Annex B PDF 
Circulation Paper
5 Beach Water Quality of Hong Kong in 2009PDF
15 River and Marine Water Quality in Hong Kong in 2009PDF


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