EMFAC-HK Vehicle Emission Calculation

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1. Guideline on Modelling Vehicle Emissions 

   [Guideline] PDF  [Appendix I] PDF  [Appendix II] PDF  [Appendix III] PDF  [Appendix IV] 

2. User's Guide on EMFAC-HK Application [User's Guide] PDF  and default base year history [Excel File 

3. Installation of Software (Version 4.3) for Microsoft Windows [EXE File]   , the Installation Manual PDF and [Revision History of EMFAC-HK]PDF 

            Note: Your anti-virus software may block the download or execution of the installer. Please refer to the Installation Manual in such case

4. 2018 Licensed Vehicle by Age and Technology Group Fractions [Excel File]

5. The EMFAC-HK program default reflects the full implementation of the program of retrofitting franchised buses with selective catalytic reduction devices (SCR retrofit) and is designed for calendar years 2017 and later. For calendar years of 2015 and 2016, please use the following segments of input files in order to reflect the partial completion of the SCR retrofit program :  [CY2015    [CY2016

Note :                                                      
Please be aware though all units are metric in the Graphic User Interface (GUI) since EMFAC-HK V3.1, the units of parameters in INP file are as follows:
   Accrual rates - km

   VKT - km
   Temperature - degree Celsius
   Relative Humidity - percent
   Other Parameters - unitless. 

6. Briefing for Upgrades

  6.1 Briefing on EMFAC-HK Upgrade to V3.3 PDF

  6.2 Briefing on EMFAC-HK Update to V3.4PDF

  6.3 Briefing on EMFAC-HK Update to V4.1PDF

  6.4 Briefing on EMFAC-HK Update to V4.2PDF 

  6.5 Briefing on EMFAC-HK Update to V4.3PDF 

7. Materials for Previous Versions

   7.1  Examples Handout and Working Files [HandoutPDF   [ZIP File (V2.5)

   7.2  2012 February EMFAC-HK Training (V2.1)

   7.3  2012 April EMFAC-HK Training (V2.1)

   7.4  2015 November EMFAC-HK Training (V3.1)

   7.5  2017 January EMFAC-HK Training (V3.1.1)

   7.6  2019 January EMFAC-HK Training (V4.1)

   7.7  Examples Handout and Working Files (V4.2) 

 8. EMFAC-HK Modelling Assumptions in Previous Versions

      [V3.1.1] PDF    [V3.3] PDF    [V3.4] PDF    [V4.1] PDF  [V4.2PDF 



Supplementary Material


S1. Application of EMFAC-HK on Air Quality Impact Assessment

The link below contains guidelines, emission factor database and working template to facilitate the application of EMFAC-HK on "Air Quality Impact Assessment"

Material related to Air Quality Impact Assessment