Examples of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Hong Kong

Case 4 - Railway Development Study 1993

Key environmental Outcomes or Influences

1. Identification of constraints and no go areas.
2. Consideration of alternative strategies.
3. Consideration of indicative mitigation requirements.

Type of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Assessment of proposed alternative railway development strategies.


Nature and Scope of the Proposal

Strategic study of the railway development for freight and passenger transport in Hong Kong, which is the busiest container port in the world.


Image of An Outline of Proposed Railway Routes
An Outline of Proposed Railway Routes

Basis of SEA Requirement

A requirement to provide information on environmental implications in the submissions to the highest level decision making body (the Executive Council ) in Hong Kong.

Downstream EIA requirements for individual projects arising from the strategy.


Relationship with Decision Making

Provide inputs to theTerritorial Development Strategy Review.

Provide inputs to making decision on the choice of railway development strategy

Alternatives or Options Assessed

Over 90 railway schemes were considered.

Methods and Techniques

1. A simplified environmental appraisal of alternative strategies.
2. Broad brush noise modelling to determine constraints and avoid serious noise problems.

Latest Status

Commitment to build several priority railway lines has been made with the West Rail and Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Tseung Kwan O Extension completed.


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