Examples of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Hong Kong

Case 5 - North West New Territories (Yuen Long District) Development Statement Study 1994

Key Environmental Outcomes or Influences

1. Precautionary Principle adopted to protect the Ramsar site of Mai Po.
2. Implementation of "Zero Discharge to Deep Bay" policy.
3. Provision of adequate buffer along major transport corridors.
  Photo of Fish Ponds
Fish Ponds

Type of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Environmental assessment of the sub-regional development strategy.


Nature and Scope of the Proposal

The North West New Territories covers an area of 14,800 hectares with about 1 million population. The North West New Territories Development Statement will formulate a framework for preparing statutory land use plans to resolve potentially incompatible land uses among fishponds, the Ramsar site, low density developments, and high rise developments.


Photo of High & Low Rise Developments
High & Low Rise Developments



Basis of SEA Requirement

The Government directive in 1988 requiring plans to be subject to environmental assessment.



Relationship with Decision Making

The findings of the SEA form the basis of formulating development plans for the region.

Methods and Techniques

Qualitative environmental appraisal on the basis of a comprehensive set of environmental planning standards and guidelines.


Latest Status

Works are implemented through Outline Zoning Plans.



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