Problems & Solutions

Description of the CWTC

Chemical Waste Treatment

The CWTC operates a variety of treatment systems including oil/water separation, high temperature incineration, inorganic waste treatment and recovery, wastewater treatment and chemical stabilisation.

The processes aim to recover useful materials or energy wherever possible. For example heat is recovered at every available point of the treatment processes, copper oxide is recovered from the etchant system, fuel (MARPOL Derived Fuel) from the MARPOL Annex I waste and process water from the PO*WW*ERTM wastewater treatment process. As the waste is received, it is mixed with compatible wastes. The compatible wastes are monitored and evaluated while moving through the storage system and treatment processes. This ensures that all wastes are properly treated.

CWTC Operation Flow Diagram


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Friday, 28 September, 2018