Seawater Desalination Plant


The seawater desalination plant can treat and make usable the abundant seawater available. Seawater is taken from Deep Bay by a pumping station. The capacity of the seawater desalination plant is 600 cubic meter per day.

After screening out of debris, sand and grit by basket screens, the seawater passes through a series of treatments including coagulation, flocculation and filtration to remove fine and suspended solids.

Reverse osmosis is the core technology of the seawater desalination plant. Seawater is pushed against a semi-permeable membrane that only allows water molecule to pass through at high pressure, while most of the salts present in the seawater is blocked, forming concentrated salt water which is returned to the sea. The seawater undergoes two stages of reverse osmosis to enhance salts removal.

The purified water can be used as process water without further treatment, drinking water after mineralization or make-up water for the boiler after further purification.


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