Sludge Treatment Facility(T·PARK)


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Image of STF: Sludge Treatment FacilitySludge Treatment Facility

STF: Sludge Treatment Facility

Special Features


The Sludge Treatment Facility (STF) is a modern facility which combines a variety of advanced technologies into a single complex. It reflects Hong Kong’s vision to embrace the concept of “waste-to-energy” and to transform people’s attitudes towards resource recovery and recycling.

The design capacity of the STF is 2000 tonnes per day of sewage sludge. Phase 1 of the STF has been in operation since Apr 2015. Phase 2 has also been in operation since April 2016. The current management and operation of the facility is contracted to VW-VES(HK) Ltd.

The sludge treatment process of STF could be divided to sludge reception, sludge incineration, energy recovery and flue gas treatment.

The STF also achieves “zero effluent discharge” in total water management. It is self-sufficient in potable water and process water which is generated on-site through a seawater desalination plant.  All wastewater from the facility is treated and re-used for irrigation, flushing and cleaning purposes.

The STF is more than a treatment plant; it has various recreational, educational and ecological facilities for the public. It was officially renamed as T·PARK in the grand opening ceremony held on 19 May 2016. Its Environmental Education Centre is a place where public can learn the benefits of sustainable "waste-to-energy" management, recycling and environmental protection. Please explore for more information.

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