There are 13 closed landfills in Hong Kong that collectively occupy a total area of about 300 hectares. They take up enough space to accommodate 15 urban parks of the size of Victoria Park. These closed landfills need to be restored to minimize their potential adverse impacts on the environment and to render them safe for beneficial use.

Restoration works of all these 13 landfills were completed between 1997 and 2006 and the completed restoration facilities have been commissioned. Full restoration of a closed landfill may take at least 30 years during which building development cannot take place due to settlement problems. The restoration contractors will however ensure the landfills are maintained in a safe condition during this period and that they are environmentally acceptable for appropriate land uses. The Government has started converting restored landfills into recreational facilities such as recreational ground, sports facility, park, etc.


1. Location of Closed Landfills

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Gin Drinkers Bay

Jordan Valley

Ma Tso Lung

Ma Yau Tong (Central)

Ma Yau Tong (West)

Ngau Chi Wan

Ngau Tam Mei

Pillar Point Valley

Sai Tso Wan

Shuen Wan

Siu Lang Shui

Tseung Kwan O Stage I

Tseung Kwan O Stage II/III


2. Summary Information of Landfill Restoration and Afteruse


3. Special Features of Landfill Restoration


4. Landfill Gas Utilization