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A Collection of Local and Overseas Environmental Performance Reports


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To promote environmentally responsible management within the public sector, the Chief Executive, in his 1998 Policy Objectives, requires all Controlling Officers within the Hong Kong SAR Government to publish annual reports on their environmental policies and actions starting from the year 2000 onwards.

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has prepared a guide to assist the government bureaux and departments with their preparation of environmental performance reports.

With government setting an example, it is encouraging to see that an increasing number of government-related organizations and private companies in Hong Kong have positively responded to the call by publishing their environmental performance reports.

This webpage provides :

It is hoped that this web-page would provide useful references to those who want to publish environmental performance report for the first time and those who want to improve their environmental performance reports.


Note : The local environmental performance reports listed in this webpage include only those reports received by the EPD and might not be exhaustive. If your company has published environmental performance reports but not listed, or any information needs correcting, please inform us via e-mail at cac@epd.gov.hk. The webpage will be updated regularly to incorporate any new information.


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