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Environmental Measures and Outcomes

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West Rail - West Kowloon to Tuen Mun

Project Description

Photo of Use of tunnels to minimise visual impact.
Use of tunnels to minimise visual impact.

Photo of Habitat loss will be compensated by wetland creation.
Habitat loss will be compensated by wetland creation.

Following the Railway Development Strategy published in 1994 by the SAR Government, Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation was invited to provide passenger train services and interchange facilities between West Kowloon and Tuen Mun. The West Rail will be a 30.3 km railway with nine stations as well as a major maintenance depot in Kam Tin valley at a cost of HK$64 billion. The line is expected to carry 340,000 passengers daily by 2003 and over 500,000 by 2011.

Mitigation Measures and Outcomes

  1. The railway will reduce air pollution by reducing the equivalent of 2,500 bus trips daily.
  2. To minimize operational noise, 14.4 km of tunnels and 7 km of noise barriers with incremental extensions, from 1.2 m to full enclosure, will be built in addition to the use of a multi-plenum design to reduce noise and vibration on viaducts. Such measures ensure the protection of 560,000 residents along the railway.
  3. The use of tunnels totaling 7 km in length along the alignment of the railway will reduce long-term visual impact while reducing dust and noise impact during the construction stage.
  4. The unavoidable wetland loss located between Kam Tin Station and Au Tau in Yuen Long will be compensated by 12 hectares of newly created and actively managed wetland.

Photo of Alignment of West Rail and its multi-plenum design.

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