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Environmental Measures and Outcomes

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Felling of Five Chimneys at Tsing Yi Power Station

Photo of Stages of felling of five power station chimneys.
Stages of felling of five power station chimneys.

Project Description

Five chimneys from the decommissioned Tsing Yi Power Station were demolished on 15 November 1998. The project called for the demolition and removal of all chimneys structures associated with the former oil-fired power station. China Light & Power Company Limited (CLP) will return part of the site to the Government and retain part of the site. The chimneys were demolished using directional felling by controlled structural weakening via explosives planted at the bottom of the chimneys.

Mitigation Measures and Outcomes

  1. Major conditions to reduce hazards in the environmental permit included:

    - reduction of inventory of three ESSO Hong Kong Ltd Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) spheres to below 200 tonnes,
    - removal of all LPG road tankers from the terminal,
    - three chimney-height exclusion zones enforced to minimise the chance of ejecta or debris hitting any spectators,
    - the nearest Mobil Oil Tank was emptied for the duration of the felling.

  2. The site was watered to reduce air emissions from the impact of debris.
  3. The nearby population protected included 1,899 persons. Population considered in the Hazard Assessment included 8,208 persons (day) and 7,156 persons (night) under the EIA Process.
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