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Environmental Measures and Outcomes

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International Theme Park in Penny's Bay, North Lantau and Essential Associated Infrastructure

Photo of Different types of concrete reefs.
Different types of concrete reefs.

Photo of The installation of artificial tyre reefs.
The installation of artificial tyre reefs.

Photo of Pitcher plants.
Pitcher plants.

Project Description

This 180-hectare world-class theme park consisting of five distinctive theme areas is scheduled to open in 2005. This international and regional tourist attraction and its associated essential infrastructures include reclamation of 290 hectares of land, building of 9 km of roads, 3.6 km of railway, 15 km of drainage channels and the construction of a water recreation centre. The theme park is expected to attract 20 million visitors annually and provide over 20,000 employment opportunities.

Mitigation Measures and Outcomes

  1. Restriction on the rate of and plants used for dredging/filling operations.
  2. 4,350 m3 of artificial reefs were deployed to act as a marine habitat for the enhancement of fish stocks and make available food sources in the lower food chain of the marine environment.
  3. Several rare and protected plant species (including pitcher plants) were conserved during construction work and 6 ha of compensatory woodlands will be planted at Ngong Shuen Au.
  4. 13 million m3 of public fill material would be utilized for the reclamation to promote the recycling of construction waste and the conservation of valuable landfill resources.
  5. 6 km of landscaped earth bunds were incorporated in the theme park layout plan to protect 25,000 and 11,000 residents at Discovery Bay and Peng Chau respectively from visual and noise impacts.
  6. An ecologically sensitive area will be protected by zoning the Pa Tau Kwu headland and nearby waters as a Conservation Area as recommended by the EIA study.
  7. A 2 km long natural coastline is preserved by adopting an open channel design.
  8. An armour rock sloping seawall design was adopted to facilitate recolonisation of inter-tidal and sub-tidal hard surface assemblage.

Artist's impression of the theme park.
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