Requirements and Procedure for Application of Environmental Permits/ Licences


This guide is intended to assist all industries in complying with environmental legislation enforced by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) by providing them with information on permit/licence requirements and their application procedures.

Legislation and Pollution Control

Hong Kong has nine main pieces of legislation to control pollution from various activities. They are the Air Pollution Control Ordinance, the Ozone Layer Protection Ordinance, the Water Pollution Control Ordinance, the Waste Disposal Ordinance, the Dumping At Sea Ordinance, the Noise Control Ordinance, the Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance, the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance and the Product Eco-responsibility Ordinance. Most of these include subsidiary regulations and other statutory provisions, such as technical memoranda, that give specific effect to the intentions of the principal laws. The EPD is responsible for the operation and enforcement of the provisions of these ordinances and their subsidiary regulations.


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