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Paper Discussed by ACE in 2005

122nd ACE Meeting on 17 January 2005

40/2004 Concept Plan For Lantau PDF, Annex PDF
1 Revision of Fees and Charges PDF, Annex A PDF, Annex B PDF

123rd ACE Meeting on 18 Februrary 2005

2 Hong Kong Port - Master Plan 2020 PDFAnnex PDF
3 Consulation Paper on the Proposed Amendment of the Fisheries Protection Ordinance, Cap 171 for the Establishment of a Regulatory Framework for Fishing Activities in Hong Kong Waters PDF

124th ACE Meeting on 14 March 2005

4 Future Development of the Electricity Market in Hong Kong - Stage I ConsultationPDFAnnexPDF
5 Report of the 91st Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF
6 Euro IV Emission Standards for New Light Duty Motor Vehicles PDF

125th ACE Meeting on 9 May 2005

8 Way Forward for the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Stage 2 PDF
, Annex APDF, Annex BPDF
9 Amendments to the Notes for "Agriculture" Zone on Outline Zoning Plans to Strengthen Planning Control on Land Filling Activities PDF, Annex APDF, Annex BPDF

126th ACE Meeting on 13 June 2005

10 "Feasibility Study for Establishment of Air Ventilation Assessment System" - Report on Study Recommendations and Proposed Way Forward PDF, Annex PDF
11 Development of EcoPark PDF, Annex APDF
12 Report on the 92nd Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee Meeting PDF

127th ACE Meeting on 11 July 2005

14 A Proposal to Retrofit Pre-Euro Heavy Diesel Vehicles with Emission Reduction Devices PDF
15 Hong Kong Disneyland Fireworks Trial Test Results PDF , Annex A PDF,  Annex B PDF
16 Report of the Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee PDF  Figure 1

128th ACE Meeting on 15 August 2005

19 Hong Kong Disneyland Fireworks Dress Rehearsal Air and Noise Monitoring Results PDF , Annex A PDF , Annex B PDF
20 Proposed Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme PDF, Annex A PDF , Annex BPDF, Annex CPDF, Annex D PDF

129th ACE Meeting on 12 September 2005

22 Green Construction - Measures Taken by the Hong Kong Construction Association Members PDF, AnnexPDF
23 Report of the Nature Conservation Subcommittee on "New Nature Conservation Policy - Pilot Conservation Management Agreement Proposals" PDF 
, Annex APDF , Annex BPDF

130th ACE Meeting on 30 November 2005

27 Proposed Control on Volatile Organic CompoundsPDF, Annex APDF,
Annex BPDF , Annex CPDF, Annex DPDF
28 Reorganization Plan for the Integration of Nature Conservation with Environmental Protection FunctionsPDF, Annex 1PDF, Annex 2PDF,
Annex 3PDF

131st ACE Meeting on 21 December 2005

29 Kai Tak Planning Review - Stage 2 Public Participation: Outline Concept PlansPDF, AnnexPDF
30 A Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste in Hong KongPDF, Annex APDF, Annex BPDF

Circulation Papers

7 Beach Water Quality of Hong Kong in 2004 PDF
13 Annual Report 2004 of the Waste SubcommitteePDF
17 Interim Report on River and Marine Water Quality in Hong Kong in 2004PDF  Figure 1-2PDF,  Figure 3-4PDF,  Figure 5-7PDF
18 Status Report on Sand Dredging and Mud Marine Disposal in Hong KongPDF
21 Landscape Character and Value Maps of Hong KongPDFFigure 1-2 PDF
  Annex A : Please refer to the following hyperlinks http://www.pland.gov.hk/pland_en/p_study/prog_s/landscape/e_executive_summary_hp/es_index.htm http://www.pland.gov.hk/pland_en/p_study/prog_s/landscape/c_executive_summary_hp/es_index.htm
24 Report on the 93rd Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDFFigure 1-2 PDF
25 Report of the Waste Subcommittee on "Workshops on Municipal Waste Management"PDF, Appendix IPDF, Appendix IIPDF, Appendix IIIPDF
26 Report on the 94th Environmental Impact Assessment Subcommittee MeetingPDF


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