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Environmental Protection Interactive Centre
It is the first Internet-based Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) Scheme of the Environmental Protection Department. It provides a full-train service under a secured electronic transaction platform for the public to apply for licences and permits and settle licence fees any time through the Internet, and it also enables the public to request for specific environmental data in an interactive way.

Environmental Management Information for SMEs Environmental Management Information and ISO 14001 EMS for SMEs
Want to stay competitive in an environmentally conscious business market? This support website provides an update environmental management information and cost effective approach to help Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the construction sector and electrical/electronic sector to implement an ISO 14001 EMS.
EPD's Thematic websites or links
Air Pollution Problems & Solutions
PRD Regional Air Quality Index
Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme
Volatile Organic Compounds and Smog
Vapour Recovery for Petrol Filing Station
Tax incentives for environment-friendly commercial vehicles
Environment-friendly Private Car Profits Tax Deduction for Capital Expenditure on Environment-friendly Vehicles  
Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme : Registers
Buildings Energy Efficiency Funding Schemes
EA & Planning
Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance
E-learning Platform for the EIA Mechanishm
Training Manual for the EIA Mechanism
Strategic Environmental Assessment
EIA Report
Electronic Transaction System for Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance    
Environmental Compliance
The Statement of EPD Prosecution Policy    
Corporate Environmental Management
Environmental Property Management Partnership Programme
Green Restaurant Website
Green Construction Partnership


Compliance Assistance Centre
Green Garage

Cleaner Production

Policy Framework for the Management of Municipal Solid Waste
Clinical Waste Management
Control of Land filling and Fly-tipping Activities
Registation Scheme for Degradable Containers and Bags
Electrical Appliance Recovery Scheme
Rechargeable Battery Recycling Programme
waste reduction
Location of Recycling / Collection Points


Beach Water Quality
Marine Water Quality
River Water Quality
Hong Kong SAR Government
Environment and Health
Our Harbour : A Cleaner tomorrow
Council for Sustainable Development

Environment and Conservation Fund

Environmental Campaign Committee

Schools Go Green

Innovation and Technology Fund
Centre for Health Protection
Prevention of Avian Flu
1823 Online

Support Organ Donation

Drainage Project Snapshots

Belt and Road Initiative.Hong Kong

Welcome to MyGovHK
Culture, Leisure & Sports
GovWiFi Programme
Digital 21
Business Consultation e-Platform
Green Burial




Regional Partners
Environment Canada signature
Air Resources Board logo
Asia Pro Eco Programme
Australian Government - Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Support the Employment of People with Disabilities



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