Broadview Garden

District: Kwai Tsing
Housing type: Flat-For-Sale Scheme (Blocks 1 to 5) and Rental Estate (Blocks 6 and 7) under Hong Kong Housing Society
Property management company: Hong Kong Housing Society
No. of blocks: 7
No. of households: 1,776

In blocks 1 to 5, three waste separation bins are placed in the refuse room of each floor to collect waste paper, metals and plastics.
In Blocks 6 and 7, recyclables are collected door-to-door by cleaners.

ˇ§Thanks to the support of the Hong Kong Housing Society and good co-operation between the management office and residents, we have been able to successfully implement the Programme and encourage more residents to practise waste separation at source.ˇ¨

Mr. Leung, Chairman of the Broadview Garden Owners' Committee