Island Place

District: Eastern
Housing type: Private housing estate
Property management company: Island Place (Management) Limited (Subsidary of Swire Properties Limited)
No. of blocks: 3
No. of households: 784

ˇ§Water meter room was situated on each floor, fairly accessible and convenient to all households for delivering their recyclable wastes.ˇ¨ Mr. C. H. Bahr, Chief Estate Manager of Island Place (Management) Limited, said. ˇ§Thus, least disturbance is caused to residents during subsequent sorting and packing of the recyclable materials.ˇ¨

ˇ§A compactor is placed in the loading bay of the estate to crush aluminium cans and plastic bottles and reduce their volume. That means they can be stored for a longer period of time, which reduces the frequency of collection and saves on transportation costs. We can offer rebates for compacted recyclables to the management company.ˇ¨

Ms. Tai, Hong Kong Waste Recycling Center