Lei Yue Mun Estate

District: Kwun Tong
Housing type: Public rental housing under Housing Authority
Property management company: Hong Kong Housing Authority
No. of blocks: 3
No. of households: 2,397


ˇ§The Programme has helped us to separate waste at source and take better care of the environment. My family fully supports the Programme.ˇ¨

Mr. Chan,
a resident and member of Estate Management Advisory Committee of
Lei Yue Mun Estate


ˇ§We've conducted several recycling and environmental campaigns, e.g. organised a landfill visit and ecosystem tours, to enhance residentsˇ¦ awareness of environmental protection.ˇ¨

Miss Wong, Housing Manager


ˇ§Separate collection of recyclables and refuse makes the floor refuse room tidier and cleaner.ˇ¨

Ms. Lam, Cleansing Foreman