Cheung Wo Court

District: Kwun Tong
Housing type: Home Ownership Scheme
Property management company: ISS Eastpoint Properties Limited
No. of blocks: 6
No. of households: 1,584

In the refuse room on each floor, three plastic trays have been placed on a metal shelf to collect waste paper, metals and plastics.

ˇ§The Programme on Source Separation of Domestic Waste makes it convenient for the residents to separate waste and encourages more people to participate in waste separation and recovery. My family and I support the Programme and separate our waste at home.ˇ¨

Mrs. Ho of Block C



ˇ§Before the Programme, residents would put their refuse together with recyclables in the corridor. It was quite messy. Now, they can separate their waste and use the waste separation facilities in the refuse room on each floor. I can devote more time to cleaning work because I don't have to spend so much time handling waste.ˇ¨