To set a good example, all 62 active Government quarters managed by the Government Property Agency have adopted source separation of waste. The quarters are contracted to private property management companies.


Lok Fung Path, No. 6 and 10

District: Sha Tin
Housing type: Government Quarters
Property management company: Urban Property Management Limited (Contractor of Government Property Agency)
No. of blocks: 2
No. of households: 68


ˇ§Refuse bins are placed at the ground floor only at these quarters and waste separation bins are located next to the refuse bins. Apart from collecting waste paper, metals and plastics, two separation bins are added to collect clothing and waste electrical and electronic equipment. Residents can bring along recyclables when they dispose of their rubbish at the ground floor. Residents' awareness of environmental protection has increased since the Programme started and they have responded positively to source separation of waste.ˇ¨

Mr. Leung,
Building Supervisor of Urban Property Management Limited


ˇ§I don't have to deal with so much heavy or bulky refuse any more, such as old clothing and waste electrical and electronic equipment, since people started separating recyclables from other refuse.ˇ¨

Ms. Wong, Cleaner