• Concrete Removal
    Concrete Removal

Handheld or excavator mounted concrete breaker is a traditional mechanical equipment for concrete breaking and removal. Using such equipment will generate loud noise, with sound power levels generally range from 108 dB(A) to 122 dB(A). Nowadays, a number of commercially available quieter equipment or methods for concrete breaking or removal could be less noisy or could reduce the noise propagation. These include high pressure water jet system, handheld concrete crusher, medium duty breaker, blade saw, wire saw and noise enclosure.

Sound pressure level at 7 meters from equipment


Noise reduction for some mitigation measures for reference.

Noise reduction

Non-Explosive Chemical Expansion Agent (Soundless Chemical Demolition Agent)

Unlike explosive chemicals or expansive compounds, soundless chemical demolition agents (SCDAs) do not produce vibrations, and hence, they are completely quiet and safe to use. When the chemical agent is properly used, it does not cause significant noise, ground vibration, fly rock, gas, dust or any other environmental pollution. This soundless chemical demolition agent is used for concrete demolition or rock breaking and much quieter than traditional breakers.


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Sound pressure level in dB(A) at 7m from equipment 60-65dB(A)