• General Building Works
    General Building Works

To tackle construction noise (including renovation noise) issue directly, there is a need to adopt the state-of-the-art quieter construction methods and equipment, and noise mitigation measures for construction projects.

Sound pressure level at 7 meters from equipment


Noise reduction for some mitigation measures for reference.

noise reduction


General Building Works

Noise enclosure for underground construction works

Use of acoustic enclosure for stationary plant can achieve a noise reduction up to 20dB(A) easily.

(Wilson Acoustic) Noise barrier

An effective way of reducing noise is to install a purpose-built barrier between the noisy equipment and the noise sensitive receiver.

Using Prefabricated Structure to Replace In-situ Construction

The use of precasting and prefabrication technology to replace the in-situ construction not only reduces air pollution but has also reduced the amount of mechanical equipment used on site and therefore the cumulative noise impact.

Equipment with QPME Label

QPME or Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment items, are construction equipment items that are new, notably quieter, more environmentally friendly and efficient.