• Renovation

Interior/ partial interior renovation works at the existing building would cause noise impact to the residents at neighbouring buildings or units. Concrete/ brickworks breaking and tiles/paint removal using handheld breakers are common noisy renovation works.  Sound power levels of traditional handheld breakers can generally reach 108 dB(A).  Use of some smaller mechanical equipment such as mini-breaker or innovative method such as high pressure water jet for tiles/ paint removal would generate less noise during renovation works.

Sound pressure level at 7 meters from equipment


Sound pressure levels of traditional and quieter equipment/ method for reference.

noise reduction



Wall cutter

Compared to traditional hammer drills for demolition, it greatly reduces the structure-borne noise impact.

Mini air hammer can be used for dismantling tiles

Compared to traditional hammer drills, mini air hammer greatly reduces the transmission of structure-borne noise.


Diamond coring tool

Compared to traditional drilling tool, the use of diamond coring tool can reduce the transmission of structure-borne noise by about 4dB(A).

Battery-driven Fastening Tool

Compared to traditional hammer drills, the battery-driven fastening tool greatly reduces the noise impact without compromising on the productivity.

Wall chaser is used for preparing grooves on walls

The application of a wall chaser achieves a significant structure-born noise reduction of around 19dB(A) as compared with that of using a traditional percussive hand-held breaker.

Diamond Blade Wall Saw

Because of the special design, this kind of diamond blade wall saw can have sound pressure level lower than the typical one at about 10dB(A).

Noise enclosure for underground construction works

Use of acoustic enclosure for stationary plant can achieve a noise reduction up to 20dB(A) easily.

(Wilson Acoustic) Noise barrier

An effective way of reducing noise is to install a purpose-built barrier between the noisy equipment and the noise sensitive receiver.


Electrically-powered mini-breaker with pneumatic hammering mechanism can be used for medium-duty chiseling on masonry and concrete.

Non-Explosive Chemical Expansion Agent

Unlike explosive chemicals or expansive compounds, soundless chemical demolition agents do not produce vibrations, and hence, they are completely quiet and safe to use.

Quieter Type Wire Saw or Diamond Wire Saw

Wire-sawing is a flexible sawing technique that can be applied under various situations with excellent cutting performance.

Quieter type Blade Saw

The Quieter Type Blade saw with higher speed and smoother balde reduces the excitation of vibration and hence the propagation of sound.

Hand-held Concrete Crusher

Less vibration and impulsive noise generated by hand-held concrete crusher than jackhammer.