• Quieter Construction Equipment
    Quieter Construction Equipment

A recent study has established some of the most advanced construction equipment. Performance and praticability of the equipment has been studied and approved on different construction sites in Hong Kong.

Sound pressure level at 7 meters from equipment

Quieter Construction Equipment

Wall cutter

Compared to traditional hammer drills for demolition, it greatly reduces the structure-borne noise impact.

Mini air hammer can be used for dismantling tiles

Compared to traditional hammer drills, mini air hammer greatly reduces the transmission of structure-borne noise.


Diamond coring tool

Compared to traditional drilling tool, the use of diamond coring tool can reduce the transmission of structure-borne noise by about 4dB(A).

Battery-driven Fastening Tool

Compared to traditional hammer drills, the battery-driven fastening tool greatly reduces the noise impact without compromising on the productivity.

Wall chaser is used for preparing grooves on walls

The application of a wall chaser achieves a significant structure-born noise reduction of around 19dB(A) as compared with that of using a traditional percussive hand-held breaker.


Electrically-powered mini-breaker with pneumatic hammering mechanism can be used for medium-duty chiseling on masonry and concrete.

Silent Piling by Press-in Method

Silent Piling by Press-in Method : Traditional massive augering and piling machines for sheet piling work at hard ground condition would create significant noise and vibration impacts to neighbours. 

Tunnel Boring Machine

Unlike cut and cover method,  construction work of using tunnel boring machine takes place mainly underground, which signaficantly reduce noise, dust and disruption to nearby NSRs.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is a concrete removal technique mainly to remove deteriorated concrete, and tiles.

Equipment with QPME Label

QPME or Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment items, are construction equipment items that are new, notably quieter, more environmentally friendly and efficient.