• Road Works
    Road Works

Road maintenance and repairing works are usually required to be carried out at the less busy night hours to avoid causing serious interruption to heavily trafficked roads during daytime. Quieter equipment or methods for night-time works are needed to minimise the construction noise impact.

Sound pressure level at 7 meters from equipment


Noise reduction for some mitigation measures for reference.

noise reduction

Road Works

Noise Abatement of Railhead & Rail Groove Grinding Machines

Noise enclosure Installation grind wheel covered by the noise enclosure.  

Noise enclosure for underground construction works

Use of acoustic enclosure for stationary plant can achieve a noise reduction up to 20dB(A) easily.

(Wilson Acoustic) Noise barrier

An effective way of reducing noise is to install a purpose-built barrier between the noisy equipment and the noise sensitive receiver.

Quieter type Blade Saw

The Quieter Type Blade saw with higher speed and smoother balde reduces the excitation of vibration and hence the propagation of sound.

Equipment with QPME Label

QPME or Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment items, are construction equipment items that are new, notably quieter, more environmentally friendly and efficient.