• Quieter Construction Methods
    Quieter Construction Methods

Some advanced quieter construction methods have been established. Performance and practicability of the equipment has been studied and approved on different construction sites in Hong Kong.


Silent Piling by Press-in Method

Traditional massive augering and piling machines for sheet piling work at hard ground condition would create significant noise and vibration impacts to neighbours. For the Silent Press-in Method, a sheet pile is clipped andpressed underground. Even for harder ground, noise and vibration can also be minimized by pressing-in sheet piles with simultaneous augering, by the Gyropress Method.Construction work can also be completed in shorter duration by using this method so that the noise impact to nearby NSRs can also be further alleviated.


Courtesy of GIKEN LTD.

Sound pressure level in dB(A) at 7m from equipment 69dB(A)